It’s been a while…plush baby toys, teaching your toddler chores, and blogging more

Plush baby toys, teaching your toddler chores, and blogging more…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and it feels good to be back. I can’t believe the year is halfway over! I have been evaluating where I am at with my goals for this year, and am so excited about the way things are going. However, I did take a little reprieve from blogging for the last couple of months in order to devote time to my family’s constant house search, my own feelings and struggles with motherhood, and ‘working on myself’ (more on this in time). I mostly put my head down and worked on creating my course, which honestly is what has kept me going for the last couple of months. If anything, knowing that all of you were there and interested in my content has helped me to come out of the last couple of months with a better outlook. We’ve also been continuing our home search, which has been a frustrating time for us, hard on both my husband and I. I don’t know what is to come for us, but I promised honesty on this blog, so there are the two main reasons I’ve been away. However, my love for my family and the constant support from all of you surrounding my blog and my online course has inspired me to devote more time to this space.

Blogging brings a lot of satisfaction to my life. I love documenting little bits of our life and of my thoughts, and giving tips and inspiration to you all for building an intentional household. If you haven’t checked it out already, I created an entire course devoted to seeking hygge and creating an intentional lifestyle in 30 days. It’s a month long journaling course in which each prompt will help you look within in order to make tangible life changes.

Today though, we’re simply talking about plush baby toys (which can, admittedly, also be life-changing). I’m into soft things. What’s cozier than a plush bunny or an organic linen toy in the shape of a cloud? Nothing.

Other than my baby WITH those things. Today I’m sharing with you our favorite plush toys and why we like them.

Our Favorite Plush Toys

…a bunny, a mouse, and a cloud…

William’s plush bunny is Jellycat brand, found at a little bookstore in our historic downtown. We take it everywhere and he loves to feel the soft ‘fur’ on his face when he’s upset. I definitely recommend Jellycat toys. They are extremely soft and high quality. The bunny is still in great shape and will be loved for a long time.

The little mouse was a gift to us from Fawn and Forest. We love their organic baby clothes and in our last order they gifted us with a little linen mouse. William likes to hide him in different places around the house or (as children do) drop him from places (I promise I’m teaching him to be kind to animals, but a one year old only understands so much).

Lastly, the beautiful linen cloud toy is from The Tiniest Seeds shop. Fayth from The Tiniest Seeds puts so much care into making these toys. They are completely organic, from the linen down to the thread, which is also organic cotton. Even the filling is organic, and all of the materials are sourced from other small shops. The cloud toy is our favorite, but Fayth offers a number of other lovely toys to check out.

My Intentional Household Thoughts of The Week

…on toy rooms, teaching chores…and why you should call them ‘contributions’ instead…

Overall, I don’t ever plan on having a ton of toys in our home. I would go as far as to say that ‘I don’t believe’ in toy rooms. I feel like they stifle imagination and teach children to become too materialistic. We only keep our favorite toys and I am a regular de-clutterer anytime I feel like something is not being used. From a young age, I want William to learn how to come up with his own ways to ‘play’ and to not need a new toy any time he is ‘bored’ or ‘nobody is playing with him.’ I want him to learn to be independent and to make things with his hands, thus, making his own fun.

I also feel like children today are not treated as valuable individuals. Some people might think it preposterous, but at one year old I am already ‘teaching’ William about doing laundry. He loves to pick things up and place them in another spot, so he helps me take the clothes out of our dryer one by one and put them in a basket. Rather than ‘putting him to work’, I feel that it will allow him to feel that he is a valuable contributor in our household. In fact, we call them ‘contributions’ instead of chores in our household. And though he’s too young to understand it now, I hope that he’ll grow up knowing how important he is to us and how much he has to contribute.

P.S. I’m thinking of a possible name change for The Hygge Wife… Tell me, do you like it? Not like it? What’re your thoughts about change?