Amish Hour

What is Amish Hour??

Earlier this year my husband and I made a family resolution to practice ‘Amish hour’, in which there is no technology (barring things like the oven) used in our home during the hour before bed. This time reminds me that I don’t NEED technology for everything…I do a lot of my baking during this time…writing, crafts, projects around the house. And of course, the hour is quite often spent wrapped in a big blanket, chatting the evening away with my husband . . .

Since putting this practice into place, I have noticed some major benefits in my life from having this ‘Amish Hour’ to do things without technology.

The benefits I’ve noticed from practicing Amish Hour :

I have more time to do things I love without distraction . . . I can focus completely on the actions of baking a cake, sewing, drawing, writing with pen and paper . . . it is so relaxing for the mind to focus on just one thing, without the constant influx of distraction.

I have read a lot of books already this year. If you like to read, this practice is for you.

I have made our home a better place. Cleaning, organizing and doing little diy projects around the house are all things I personally find fun. For me they are both relaxing and rewarding, so having time to do them has been nice.

I am closer to my husband. One on one time without distraction (especially the distraction of technology) will do wonders for your marriage.

I go to bed on time. I don’t sit on my laptop with 100 tabs open just calling my name to stay up a little longer. I go to bed on time, which for me is a huge win.

I fall asleep more easily, and sleep better. When I avoid technology for the hour before bed, I find I wake up feeling more rejuvenated in the morning because I toss and turn less at night.

There’s nothing like dipping into a warm bath for an hour at the end of a long day. Especially with a book in hand. Queue coconut milk and Himalayan salt for soft skin and you have yourself a spa.

I make time for hygge. I find that all of the things above are very hyggelig for me. So Amish Hour is, essentially, an hour every day devoted to hygge and nothing else.

How would you use an hour of technology-free time?