We’re moving!!! The Sheep House…

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We’re moving to the countryside! We bought a house on some land (more than we ever hoped for!) and in a beautiful location…it’ll be a bit of a lifestyle change as it will be 20 miles to the grocery store instead of 2 blocks…but it is what we had been looking for, for a long time, for our little family…

I’ve always wanted ducks and quail. To be honest it was my main reason for wanting to live in the country. Fresh eggs are so appealing and I love the earthiness of having to go outside and get them from where they’ve been lain. I love the regularity of routine life in the countryside, taking care of the land and the ducks and the barn…it is simple, it’s quiet. With this house I’ll be able to get the ducks and quail I’ve wanted for so long, and a barn full of sheep as well! We know very little about this lifestyle to be honest, but I have been swooning over the sheep for days…ever since we went out to see the house, and were told there were newborn lambs in the barn.

The house needs some renovating, but my husband I are excited to do it ourselves, and I’ll be documenting our work here on the blog. We’re so excited for this new journey for our family, and for our family to grow by a dozen or so feathers and some hooves.

(more photos to come…)

Confession: Simple Living Isn’t Easy…

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Confession: simple living isn’t easy.

In fact, it can be really, really hard. We have good intentions. We want to take time to be still, we want to cultivate that slower mindset, bake from scratch and use handmade or slow-made products. But then, why is it so difficult?

My journey with slow living has been a long one, and I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m on my way. Part of going down this path is realizing that it is difficult. Slow or simple living, however you call it, goes hard against the grain of modern society. And it’s hard to be different.

On the other hand, being different creates tight, supportive communities, and the slow-living community I’ve found has been life-changing for me. But what about everyone else who may not share or understand your views?

How do you slow down in a world that is doing the opposite? And how do you compensate when they see your values or lifestyle as unimportant?

The world is constantly telling us to hurry, hurry, hurry. Buy cheap stuff so you can buy more stuff. Eat processed food so you can eat it as quickly as possible, for as little money as possible. Do everything at once. Stay up on social media, the news, etc. and make sure your kids are in 25 after school activities. That tends to be how it goes…and it’s hard not to fall into that. Naturally, we want to do what’s easy, which is going along with the way the crowd is moving.

It’s difficult to stop and be still, and even harder to go the other way.

So how do you continue walking the simple path each day?

1. Get clear about why you want to live simply:

Writing things down always helps me to get more clear about them. Something about seeing them on paper and outside of my head is almost therapeutic. So get out a journal, a piece of paper or even a blank document on your computer, and write down why you want to do this.

2. Set some intentions:

Now that you know why you want to live this way, set some intentions for how you’d like to do it. Start with small intentions: maybe you want to replace your mugs with hand made ones, or set an intention to stop buying paper towels, etc.

3. Work on your intentions each day, little by little:

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It should be invigorating. Relaxing even, if like me, you feel calmed by the thought of cleaning out your closet (again).  Maybe choose just one project, such as downsizing your wardrobe, and work on it for fifteen minutes each day. Or start with changing a behavior, such as reading a (paper) book instead of watching television in the evening.

4. Don’t beat yourself up:

Don’t beat yourself up over a day or even a week that you’ve stopped being as intentional as you’d like to be. Simple living isn’t easy. But it’s easier when we tell ourselves that we can do it, when we get back to our intentions and stop worrying about falling short.

5. Find your tribe:

Share with others why simple living is important to you. Never be condescending or critical, simply shareTry not to be pushy or overwhelm others with your thoughts. Instead, find a community that you can talk all things slow and simple with. Even if you don’t have immediate friends who are interested, reading books, listening to podcasts, and joining the slow living community online is a good way to get involved with others living the same lifestyle.


Over on Instagram, the slow living community is wonderfully strong and supportive of one another. Even on my own account I feel that there’s such a loving and encouraging group of like-minded individuals. Search for hashtags such as #slowlived, #alifeofintention or #theslowdowncollective to find more inspiration within the slow and simple community on Instagram. Or use #theintentionalhousehold to show how you are adopting simple living and intentionality within your home. I’ll be over there to check it out.


My favorite podcast about simple, intentional living is ‘The Slow Home Podcast’. It goes so well with my concept for #theintenionalhousehold, that our home should be a place that both conveys our lifestyle and makes it easier for us to live the lifestyle we’ve chosen.

And lastly, facebook. I’m thinking about starting a Facebook group…

I’m only hesitant because, well, it means more time on Facebook. However, I think when we use it in positive ways (not mindless scrolling) it can be so helpful. The group would be a community for all things simple, intentional, etc. for asking questions and supporting one another. I’m even imagining weekly prompts such as ‘go foraging for natural things to display in the house’ or ‘bake your own bread instead of buying it for a whole month’ and we could all share our experiences…

If you’d want to be a part of something like this, let me know in the comments or over on Instagram (otherwise I will have no idea whether or not anyone would like to!)

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Contributing for Creative Countryside – Introduction to the Intentional Household

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chair table white country rustic simple linens

I have some exciting news! A couple of months ago I came across Creative Countryside, an emerging journal started by the blog of Eleanor Cheetham, as she documented her life in the countryside. I will now be contributing monthly to their online journal, and occasionally to the print journal when it comes out later this year. As the slow-living contributor, I will cover simplicity, intentionality, a bit of hygge and a lot of slowing down. 

My first article, ‘The Intentional Home’ was published this week! It covers how to create and live in your own intentional household, and is also the concept and inspiration behind my hashtag, #theintentionalhome.

“The Intentional Home”

A broom left out of the cupboard, a door half-opened, a book with the page folded over (surely signifying something of importance to the reader), a linen curtain, pulled aside. This house is lived in. Yet, something is different. Careful consideration has been taken in choosing the linen drapes: raw edges but of a thick, quality material; the dishes on the kitchen shelves are imperfectly shaped: handmade; the home is decorated with natural elements, in a way that seems neither to disturb the elements nor the domestic quality of the house: simply, nature brought indoors.

Glimpse into the intentional home and you will find life; a bit of mess, some laundry and a dish or two in the sink. However, you are also likely to come across well-made items of a sturdy material, handmade ceramics, a couple of rustic storage bins and a soft, dreamy bed. The considered home is one of…




A Simple Path, Interview for Linenbeauty, Why Live Simply

country living table chairs antique white creamy kitchen simple


Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for Linenbeauty blog, for their new series, ‘A Simple Path.’ I thought I would share just a glimpse of the interview here, as the questions were ones that really made me think and reflect on my journey to a simpler lifestyle.

One of the questions that I was asked is,

What is it about the simple life that you find appealing?

Though I answered it in the interview, I’ve continued to think about it and how to explain it in a way that makes sense. I feel that living simpler allows us for room to breathe. A simpler lifestyle and household allows for our minds to feel less cluttered as well. We can stop being pulled down by negative things and just be… 

Living simply helped me to become comfortable in my own skin, because I stop worrying about ‘the next best thing’ and the latest trends…

For more about my journey, my homeware essentials and future plans, visit Linenbeauty’s beautiful blog, where you’ll also find beautiful linens and helpful posts on taking care of them.

What do you find appealing about slow or simple living? Was there a defining moment that inspired you to slow down, or was it a gradual process?

Why The Blog Was Named ‘The Hygge Wife’, Who It’s For, And Why I Hope You’ll Stay (If It’s For You)

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The other day I received the first hateful comment I’ve ever gotten on my blog… and though the comment stemmed from a misunderstanding, if I’m being honest with you, it threw me off a bit. However, instead of dwelling on it, I decided to use it as an opportunity to re-introduce myself and the blog for the many newcomers as of late . . .

The Hygge Wife is an online journal devoted to documenting our Nordic lifestyle.

I am a wife and mother, and the name of the blog comes from the inspiration that this gives me everyday to live this lifestyle . . .

I’ve always longed to capture and document life, and this blog is devoted to documenting our life in a way that connects us to you.

Storytelling, like hygge, makes us human. Through storytelling, we realize that our stories may be someone else’s as well. Stories remind us that though we’re different, we’re the same.. So with this journal I aim to share our story. I share what’s beautiful and I share the dark days too, because I’m here to be real.

I’m here for the real-deal honest-to-goodness documenting of a lifestyle. No glammed-up storytelling here.

You’ll get the Nordic lifestyle, but you’ll get glimpses of marriage, motherhood, and my mental illness too.  I’m here to connect with you over life in it’s honest and raw moments. I’m here for the ones who have ever felt lost, because before this, I spent most of my life feeling lost, knowing how I wanted to live but not wanting to be ‘different.’ Then months ago…

…when I found hygge, I found that I was finally home.

And so, if you’ve ever felt that way too, I hope you’ll stay. I hope as I share my story, that you’ll find a bit of yours in it, too. And I hope that when you’re here, you’ll find that you’re home.