Friday Fika: Ebelskivers! Or ‘Danish Pancakes…’

In celebration of ‘pancake Tuesday’ this week (or Shrove Tuesday, as I’ve recently been informed is the proper name) we made Danish pancakes! Since we didn’t get to having pancakes on the proper day, we made them for our weekly Friday FikaThese ‘pancakes’ are called æbelskivers, otherwise spelled ‘Ebelskivers’ in English.

I grew up eating Ebelskivers at my best friend Toryn’s house. Her family is Danish and her dad would make them often for us, usually on a Saturday morning as we sat sleepily around the kitchen table. We topped them with generous amounts of butter and powdered sugar and quickly perked up from our sleepiness. Her parents kindly gifted me this beautiful Ebelskiver pan for my wedding, and it has and will continue to bring us joyful, powdered-sugar and hygge filled mornings . . .



Have a wonderful weekend!! And remember to stop, sit, chat, and indulge . . .

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