How to Make: $6 Curtains for Soft Hyggelig Lighting

We are lucky to get pretty, soft lighting in our apartment. However, I know not everyone has this, and even I like to soften the light in the afternoons when it can create harsh shadows. Whether for photo taking, or just for creating a dreamy, hyggelig (“hygge-like”) atmosphere, these curtains are an easy, inexpensive project and work wonderfully . . .

How to Make A Curtain for Soft, Hyggelig Lighting:

  1. I began by purchasing a white drop cloth for about $6 . . . You should be able to get one at your local craft store or a Home Depot/Lowe’s if you are in the states. You may want to measure your window before you go, but even for large windows using the drop cloth material should not be expensive. For my  window, it cost $6. I brought it home and got out some scissors, a ruler and a pencil and that’s it . . . no sewing is required.
  2. Cut one inch off of the bottom of the drop cloth. This will become your ties for the top of the curtain. Depending on how many ties you want, you may need to do this twice (cutting two inches total off of the bottom of the cloth). Cut each 1″ thick strip into even pieces (how many will depend on the size of drop cloth you bought). You’ll want each piece to be 22-24 inches long, I cut mine so that each was 22 inches long, which meant I could tie each one in a small bow to hang the curtain.
  3. Lay your strips or ‘ties’ aside. Now, fold over one of the long ends of the cloth (which ever side you want to be the top) about 2 inches, as shown below :

This is going to be the top of your curtain. Next, you’re going to cut slits to run the ties through (the strips you cut in step 1). To do this, you’ll first need to decide how many you want to cut (the number of ties that you want). Measure and put marks on the cloth with a pencil, so that your ties are equal length apart. Make sure to do one at each end, about 1/2 inch in from the end of the fabric. At each marking, you can simply fold the drop cloth in half and put a small slit in it with scissors (make each slit about 1/2″, since you’re cutting it while it’s folded in half).

It will look something like this . . .

When you’ve made all of the slits in the fabric, you should have a drop cloth with 2″ still folded over on top, and 1″ slits spread evenly across the fold.

You can then run the ties through each slit in the top of the cloth.

how to make soft light hygge hyggelig lighting curtain $6

Tie them together so that they are even in length…I used my phone (just because it was handy and the right width) to make sure that each tie was the same…

If you want to properly finish the sides, you can simply fold them over and sew them. . .But I’m not a big sewer and I rather like the contrast of the natural, raw style of the curtain with the pretty, white lighting it creates!

And here’s the finished product!

how to make soft light hygge hyggelig lighting curtain $6

Now you’re ready to take some creamy, dreamy photos and enjoy your hyggelig lighting!

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