My Guide is Out!! Hygge: The Guide to Simple, Nordic Living…Glimpses and A Letter to the Reader

It’s out!!!

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A letter to you, my friend, the reader…

To you,


This book was written out of my pure, honest passion for ‘Hygge’ and everything it has to offer us. I am head over heels for the Danish and Nordic cultures and the simple, wholesome lifestyle that they’ve built around the concepts of Hygge. I began this journey with hygge about one year ago when my 1st baby was born. After having him I realized that I wasn’t quite living up to who I wanted to be for him and everything that I wanted to offer him. Being the wife to a Norwegian, I had discovered a bit about Nordic living but it wasn’t until I learned about this Danish word, ‘hygge’ that I became immensely interested in it. I had been looking for hygge all my life, but hadn’t known it until I found it. ‘Hygge’ prompts us to  look for coziness in simple things, such as in the act of putting clean sheets on the bed or looking into my son’s sleepy good-morning eyes. Hygge is intertwined in our everyday lives. It is in hello’s and goodbye’s and silly notes, scribbled and left on the fridge…

I hope you’ll find in this book what I did when I found hygge.



Erica…….. The Hygge Wife

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March 16, 2017