Over on Instagram… Finding Hygge Amidst the Moments of Chaos

I wish I could say it was a slow, relaxing Sunday morning but instead it was the combination of bed head, burnt breakfast, a teething baby, and a crying mom (although I’ll admit, it was trivial thing to cry over). I think my husband was the only one who had a good morning, as he ate the rest of this cake for breakfast, while sitting in pajamas on the couch.

We can’t find Hygge in every single moment, of every day. However, it is often in the midst of chaos, when we look over to see our husband, quietly enjoying our homemade cake, that we realize Hygge really can be found in the simplest of things, and sometimes, in the most unlikely of moments.

My friend Rebecca from @poshyarns over on Instagram, described a moment like this as well…

“Sitting at my kitchen table on a weekend morning, winter sun streaming in through the window, hot coffee, table strewn with magazines and books. Husband next to me and teenagers eating mounds of toast and arguing over the radio station. I love this moment…”

− Rebecca, on Instagram as @poshyarns

Rebecca captured this moment so beautifully with her words… it’s like I can feel myself there with them.

Hygge isn’t always the picture perfect, quiet breakfast we typically imagine. Sometimes it is there among the chaos, too, if we simply look for it.