The Hygge Journals: Intentional Lifestyle Course


The Hygge Journals is a 30 day journaling course that will guide you to seek and create a lifestyle around hygge. You will learn to become more intentional, more aware of yourself and of what helps you to hygge, as well as learning valuable journaling tips and tools for developing a journaling habit. View the course details below…



The Hygge Journals is month-long journaling course in seeking hygge. The Hygge Journals was created to help you live the intentional, hygge-centered lifestyle that I have built over the last couple of years and that has completely improved my life for the better. Throughout this course, you will be given a series of journaling prompts and activities that will inspire you to seek hygge and live intentionally.

Who this course is for:

This course is for those who seek simplicity. For those who wish to become more aware of themselves and more intentional with their actions. It is for those who seek hygge in all aspect of their lives. It is for the slow living community, the simplicity seekers and the chasers of beauty in ordinary things. It’s for the messy ones, the dreamers, and the creators.

And especially, its for the journalers, the writers, the picture-takers; it’s for the ones who live life by documenting it.

What you’ll get:

A month of guided inspiration to help you immerse yourself in hygge, and…
  • 30 days worth of content
  • Your own personal login and course dashboard on my site
  • Emails each day with a journaling prompt and a complete web page to go more in depth with the prompt
  • 4 Journaling Lessons, complete with easy to follow tips and a bonus download
  • 20 in-depth journaling prompts
  • Exclusive peaks into my own journal, allowing you to see how I answered some of the journaling prompts myself
  • Easily applicable tips and activities to create a more intentional, hygglig lifestyle
  • A community of like-minded individuals to connect with via the course Instagram hashtag

How it Works

The course will take place through your own course dashboard on my site as well as through email. Each day, you will receive an email with the day’s prompt and links to that day’s course content. The content typically will include an introduction to the prompt, how the prompt is related to hygge and why it is important, the prompt with additional questions, and my own journal entry for that day.

Learn to journal, find hygge, change your life…

Join me in this journey today.


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