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The Hygge Wife is an online journal devoted to documenting our Nordic lifestyle.

I am a wife and mother, and the name of the blog comes from the inspiration that this gives me everyday to live this lifestyle . . .

I’ve always longed to capture and document life, and this blog is devoted to documenting our life in a way that connects us to you.

Storytelling, like hygge, makes us human. Through storytelling, we realize that our stories may be someone else’s as well. Stories remind us that though we’re different, we’re the same.. So with this journal I aim to share our story. I share what’s beautiful and I share the dark days too, because I’m here to be real.

I’m here for the real-deal honest-to-goodness documenting of a lifestyle. No glammed-up storytelling here.

You’ll get the Nordic lifestyle, but you’ll get glimpses of marriage, motherhood, and my mental illness too.  I’m here to connect with you over life in it’s honest and raw moments. I’m here for the ones who have ever felt lost, because before this, I spent most of my life feeling lost, knowing how I wanted to live but not wanting to be ‘different.’ Then months ago…

…when I found hygge, I found that I was finally home.

And so, if you’ve ever felt that way too, I hope you’ll stay. I hope as I share my story, that you’ll find a bit of yours in it, too. And I hope that when you’re here, you’ll find that you’re home.