We’re moving!!! The Sheep House…

sheep house basket eggs linens chickens ducks

We’re moving to the countryside! We bought a house on some land (more than we ever hoped for!) and in a beautiful location…it’ll be a bit of a lifestyle change as it will be 20 miles to the grocery store instead of 2 blocks…but it is what we had been looking for, for a long time, for our little family…

I’ve always wanted ducks and quail. To be honest it was my main reason for wanting to live in the country. Fresh eggs are so appealing and I love the earthiness of having to go outside and get them from where they’ve been lain. I love the regularity of routine life in the countryside, taking care of the land and the ducks and the barn…it is simple, it’s quiet. With this house I’ll be able to get the ducks and quail I’ve wanted for so long, and a barn full of sheep as well! We know very little about this lifestyle to be honest, but I have been swooning over the sheep for days…ever since we went out to see the house, and were told there were newborn lambs in the barn.

The house needs some renovating, but my husband I are excited to do it ourselves, and I’ll be documenting our work here on the blog. We’re so excited for this new journey for our family, and for our family to grow by a dozen or so feathers and some hooves.

(more photos to come…)


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    March 31, 2017

    Ah, this sounds lovely. We have ducks and chickens (I’m tempted by quail, too) and it really is a wonderful lifestyle. Good luck with your move.

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      April 16, 2017

      Thanks Helen! Yes, the beautiful eggs make quail so tempting…I’m still researching everything that they need. I may have to pick your brain for the ducks and chickens though! Thanks for coming by the blog. xx